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What have you bruised recently?

Fried Eggs and Group Discussions

What have you bruised recently?

How do you cope under pressure?

Listen to how an air traffic controller deals with a crash at London Heathrow.

How Thick is the Ice?

Thoughts on what an Ice Breaker is and what purpose it serves in group dynamics.

The Kranz Dictum : Tough and Competent

After three astronauts died under his watch Gene Kranz, Apollo Flight Director had some powerful words for his team.

Making it Brief

One of the sections of the "Off with a Bang" course, how do you make your briefing of a group more memorable.

Meeting the Old Man

An article on the Old Man of Hoy from the Vertical magazine's Classic Climbs Series.

Outdoor Training is just a Tool

The Pessimistic Crab

A carabiner to help you when it all goes wrong

Stone Soup

“It's the tastiest soup you'll ever eat”

Toolkit for Independent Thinking

A poster produced for a teacher who was trying to encourage more independent thinking in her classroom.

What is your Cargo Cult?

Are you acting without understanding to bring about impossible change?


Pacific Canada 1999

In the summer of 1999, four fresh-faced young undergraduates embarked upon a sea kayaking expedition to Canada’s Gulf Islands. This is their story.

Race to the Stones Kit List

Clothing and equipment notes from running a first 100km ultra-marathon.

The Old Man of Hoy in a Day

Report of a twenty-four hour sprint from North Wales to the top of the Old Man of Hoy.

Activities and Tasks

Could your Team Survive a Zombie Attack?

When the undead arise, what skills have your team got to survive?

Fizzles into Frizzles

Conversion puzzle to test your problem solving skills

Knowing Tea, Knowing You

Help your participants get to know each other during breaks in your programme.

Mapland : Navigation Task

A task for novice navigators learning to take compass bearings off a map.

Quiz Questions : Set One

A 90 question quiz in nine sections for anyone who wants to use it, answers provided.

Reviewing Method : Verbs

A quick method for starting out a review (or reviving one that is stalling).