Awesome Teamwork examples

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Shadow Theatre

This very clever use of light and body shape simply wouldn’t be possible if any one member of the troupe wasn’t intimately aware of exact where the others were at all times. The also must hold the vision for what they are trying to achieve in their heads and trust their choreographer as they have no way to see the outcome in real time.

Helicopter Rescue

The trust a winchman-paramedic must have in his pilot and winch operator is complete. A mistake by either is likely to be life threatening. The clear goal, saving life, means that everybody on board knows exactly what they are trying to achieve.

Diversity Dance Troupe

A spectacular display, made possible only by trust, practice and understanding of members strengths and weaknesses.

Apollo 13

This video only really introduces the problem that the teamwork was to solve. Working shifts night and day for four days, NASA flight controllers successfully brought home three astronauts after an explosion damaged their craft and diminished their oxygen supply. Described as “the most glorious failure in history”.

Ferrari Pit Stop (7.5 Seconds)

Everybody in this team knows their roles and carries them out flawlessly. Communication is as simple as possible, raised arm means “I’m done”

Barbarians vs All Blacks 1973

Described as the greatest try of all time. Constant re-evaluation of the situation by all team members to put themselves in the right place at the right time.

Silent Monks sing Handel’s Messiah

Creative and clever output, reliant totally on each member playing their part. Impressive performance by high school pupils.

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