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People are Amazing : Slacklining between two trucks

When Volvo wanted to demonstrate the precision their new trucks can be driven to, they turned to high line walker Faith Dickey and stunt director Peter Pedrero to help. The result is breath-taking.

LittleBigAdventure: Elie Chain Walk

The east coast of Scotland lacks the grandeur of the west. No towering Munros or Atlantic storms grace this quiet part of the country. Its apparent quite nature hides the fact that the rock platforms and long sections of low cliffs have caused a significant number of shipwrecks over the year. It was to help with the rescues of these fated mariners that a chain was first strung along the bottom of the cliffs and, maintained to this day by the council, the steel links tracing ups, downs, arches and climbs make a perfect mini-adventure.

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Quote: “I believe we are all born explorers”

“I believe we are all born explorers, an explorer is not something you become. At three, four, five years old we are all explorers. But somehow—due to parents’ expectations, school, et cetera—we stop being explorers.”

Erling Kagge, polar adventurer

From Explorers of the Underground by Brian Patrick Eha, July 9th 2012