LittleBigAdventure: Christmas at Grandma’s

Christmas Day is rarely noted for its frantic exercise. This year however, rather than just fall asleep in front of a rubbish film, my brother and I decided to brave the elements and head out.

Weston-Super-Mare may be full of grandmothers and bingo halls but it’s also blessed with an enormous beach. Despite the recent snow the sky was clear and we could easily see the ten miles across the sea to Wales. We wrapped ourselves up against the cold and breathed in the sharp, fresh air, which invigorated us after spending so much time cooped up in a stuffy house.

polaroid_jame_beach_westonWeston beach is usually full of people on dirt bikes, windsurfers and kiteboarders. On Christmas afternoon, with the tide a very long way out, the beach was almost empty. Over an hour or so we passed only a dozen or so people, mostly couples or families out walking the dogs. It was one of those rare occasions where you have something to say to each and everyone of them, “Merry Christmas’.

Leaving the town centre behind, we meandered towards Brean Down, the promontory at the southern end of the bay. As we did so, the sun began to set behind the headland. Despite the fact that sunsets happen everyday, I rarely take the time to appreciate them or have the chance to see them in their full glory, marred as they frequently are by London’s buildings. This one was glorious.

It may not be much of an adventure, but to a city girl like me it’s a thrill to stand somewhere without crowds and take the time to watch a sunset from start to finish. Even now I’m home, it inspired me to go outside this evening and have a look at the sunset. Even buried behind London houses, it’s still glorious.

This LittleBigAdventure was contributed by Lorna Robinson.